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Brandy is an interpreter for BBC Basic (or Basic V as it is refered to here) that runs under a variety of operating systems. Basic V is the version of Basic supplied with desktop computers running RISC OS. These were originally made by Acorn Computers but are now designed and manufactured by companies such as Advantage Six and Castle Technology.

What does it run on?

The interpreter runs under RISC OS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, reeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Amiga OS, DOS using the DJGPP DOS extender and Windows as a console application. The program is written in ANSI C and comes in source form so it should not be difficult to compile it to run under other operating systems.

The current versions of the program are 1.19 (RISC OS and *BSD/Linux/Amiga) and 1.16 (DOS/Windows)


Brandy is distributed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

Downloading the Program

The program is available for download in three different archive formats:


This is the most complete version of the interpreter supporting most features of the RISC OS interpreter. It runs under RISC OS 3, 4 and 5. Versions are supplied to run 'out of the box' on older machines and on Iyonixes.

The program is supplied in a Spark archive. It contains a RISC OS executable as well as the source code, documentation and examples.

RISC OS version: click here

NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Amiga OS

The main restrictions of the versions of the program that run under these operating systems is that they do not support graphics or sound.

The program is supplied as a gzip'ed tar file that contains the source, documentation and examples. It will have to be compiled before it can be used.

NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD/Linux/Amiga version: click here

Mac OS X

The Mac OS X version was developed by Crispian Daniels (no relation). He wrote the wrapper BrandyTerminal which allows Brandy to be run from the Mac OS X Finder. This version includes graphics support using the platform-independent graphics library 'JLib' written by Jonathan Griffiths. Both of the files given below must be downloaded:

Mac OS X source: click here

BrandyTerminal source: click here

BrandyTerminal: binary click here

DOS and Windows

The DOS version uses the DJGPP DOS extender. It is the most complete version of the interpreter after the RISC OS one in that it supports graphics. The program also runs under Windows in a DOS box.

The program is supplied in a zip archive. It includes a DOS executable in addition to the source, examples and documentatiom. Note that other software will be required before the program can be compiled, namely the DJGPP DOS extender from D.J.Delorie's web site and the JLib graphics library. Unfortunately the JLib web site has disappeared but copies of the library can be found using a search engine.

DOS version: click here

Link for DJGPP:



  1. Brandy is a DOS program. It runs fine with older version of Windows but there are a couple of issues with Windows XP, for example, timing functions do not work properly. I admit the program needs some work, for example, to switch from a DOS program to a Windows one, but it is a case of finding the time to do it.
  2. Jlib seems to be unavailable now... See above for excuses.

Windows CE

Jon Welch has ported Brandy to Windows CE. This can be found on his web site at This is based on the DOS version of Brandy.